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“Vrinda Sheth is an extraordinarily gifted storyteller who with her mother’s exquisite illustration is bringing  the universal epic of the Ramayana alive for all ages. It illuminates the timeless human dilemmas, particularly for women, to inspire us all to rise to our destiny.”

– Shiva Rea, Global Yoga Teacher, Sacred Activist, author of “Tending the Heart Fire”

“Vrinda Sheth’s brand new retelling of the Ramayana brings the great epic vividly to life. She weaves an insightful story around the original narrative, plunging us deeply into the drama filled lives of its many fascinating characters. Her well-crafted prose transported me right back to the Ramayana’s ancient world of gods, demons, mystical sages and powerful warrior kings. A highly entertaining read that never loses sight of the profound spiritual themes that run through the revered classic. Moving and uplifting. I can hardly wait for the next two volumes.”

—Krishna Dharma, author of the popular The Ramayana: India’s Immortal Tale of Adventure, Love, and Wisdom.

“What an excellent retelling of the Ramayana! If sheer artistry, imagination, story-telling technique and descriptive writing were not enough, Vrinda Seth accurately conveys the emotion and underlying philosophical content of the story as well. With God as my witness, I went in a skeptic and came out a believer — and now I can hardly wait for future volumes in the series.”

—Steven J. Rosen (Satyaraja Dasa), author of over 30 books on bhakti spirituality, senior editor of the Journal of Vaishnava Studies, and associate editor of Back to Godhead magazine

“The intrigue and mystery starts with the opening line: never have I been pulled so quickly into a book through a few simple yet tantalizing words. The art and magic unfold page after page through story and image alike. Perhaps it’s a story you know; perhaps not. But Vrinda’s words and her mother’s exquisite art create another world we can enter and revel in the enchantment and adventure that lies within. From injustice to savagery, heroism to beautiful princesses, battles for honor and death before the converse, dishonor, the unique style of Vrinda Seth’s writing captivates the heart and mind, drawing one deeper into the burning intricacies of Sita’s Fire…”

—Braja Sorensen, author of Lost & Found in India, Mad & Divine, and India & Beyond

“Accompanied by the delightful full-color illustrations of Johansson, this installment of Sheth’s trilogy replicates the immersive world enjoyed by readers in the previous volume. The author adeptly fleshes these ancient mythological figures into rounded, relatable characters who feel as human as any other in contemporary YA fantasy. Sita, with her complex emotions and conflicted history, is an especially compelling personality, and Sheth gives her ample page time to tell her story in her own words. Whether readers are familiar with the Ramayana—an Indian epic that has been popular throughout South Asia and beyond for centuries—or they are discovering these characters for the first time, the novel delivers time-tested stories playing out against a distinctive fantasy world.”


Vrinda’s retelling of the Ramayana is a masterpiece. She writes with the heart of a deeply questioning and questing seeker and the crystal clear mind of a seer. There is a bristling energy to Vrinda’s words that mirrors the fiery and sometimes heart-wrenching emotions of the story and there is a simplicity in her narrative that allows the transcendence of Rama’s divine lila to shine through. I’ve read so many versions of The Ramayana and Vrinda’s is one of my favorites.

– Jai Uttal, grammy-nominated musician, Rama-lover, and kirtan pioneer

“The thrilling mystical adventure continues with the much-awaited sequel to Shadows of the Sun Dynasty. Vrinda Sheth’s rendering of the classic Ramayana is my absolute favorite version, sensuously told from the perspective of the women in the story and conveyed both with words and illustrations that captivate the reader with vivid visual imaginary invoking deep textural feeling guaranteed to catapult the reader into realms of transcendent possibilities.”

–Sharon Gannon, co-founder of Jivamukti Yoga, author of Yoga and Vegetarianism

Again in this second volume, the work is richly illustrated with Johansson’s lovely, dramatic, and colorful illustrations. Especially noteworthy here are her charming renditions of natural scenes in the forest and the various fauna (and bloodthirsty monsters!) found there. Once again, lovers of the Ramayana will find much to enjoy and also to debate in this lively, creative, and provocative retelling of the Rama story.

– Dr. Robert P. Goldman, principal translator of The Rāmāyaṇa of Vālmīki: An Epic of Ancient India

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If you do not know Sita and Rama’s story, this trilogy is for you. If you are a Sita-Rama connoisseur, this work is for you. The mother-daughter team have pushed their individual crafts to their limits to invite every reader into this magical world.

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Shadows of the Sun Dynasty

This exceptionally talented mother and daughter team have created one of the most beautiful adaptations of the Ramayana ever published.


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